Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina,  the 2nd of september of 1950.

She started learning Ceramics in 1969 and in 1970 she started attending classes with the prestigious teacher Mireya Baglietto at her atellier.

Later, she applied for the Ceramics School of the Instituto de Cultura Religiosa Superior, where she achieved the Ceramics Teacher Degree in 1975.

Her formative path carried on within Alicia Faralla first and Ingebor Ringer´s atellier later.

Afterwards, she begun studying sculpture, drawing and painting at the MEEBA   and at the Stimulus Association in Fine Arts.

She also attended Professor Osvaldo Dubatti´s drawing classes  and Lilia Leyrado´s enamel and coloured pastes.

In 2010, the artist has attended the  "First Laboratory of Sculptural Techniques with non-traditional materials", dictated by Prof. Claudia Aranovich.

Currently, she shares an atellier with Profesor Pedro Alcaina who has mentored her through the Raku and Gres Techniches.